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Interactive Journaling AND Self-Care Subscription Box

Each month, YouAlity's team of mental health professionals carefully creates a new interactive journal, to help you navigate and organize your thoughts, while gaining insight into your thinking patterns. Often times, there is no single reality, but rather, MANY perceptions. Through your monthly journaling, you will be able to focus on different mental-health topics each month, to strengthen your thinking patterns and coping skills. With this option, you also have the opportunity to enjoy 5 self-care/inspirational products, either created in-house, or sponsored by other small businesses, who will share their inspirational stories along with their products for you to try! This option allows you the opportunity to support small businesses and encourage them to continue to inspire the world through their one-of-a-kind products and visions!

Interactive Journaling AND Self-Care MINI Subscription Box

Do you want to work on journaling AND still enjoy self-care/motivational items, while supporting small businesses, but on a friendlier budget? If so, this is a great option to get started! With the MINI subscription box, you will still receive your monthly, interactive journal to help you with insight, self-awareness, and positive thinking patterns, along with 2 self-care items for you to enjoy! If you ever want more self-care items, you can always buy them a la carte, as your budget allows!

Interactive Journaling and Self-Care MINI Bubble Mailer

Do you really want the mini-box, but it is is still a little out of your budget? This is the PERFECT option for anyone wanting to work on their mental-health and self-care on an even friendlier budget than our MINI BOX! You still get 2 self-care OR motivational items, but in a bubble mailer instead of a box! But, if you thought the the pricing was the best part, there is more! Bubble mailers are Earth-Friendly and recyclable! Since these are much smaller and use much less packaging than our MINI BOX, this is a GREAT option for anyone who is conscious and mindful of caring for our home, Earth!

Interactive Journaling Subscription - ELECTRONIC - PDF FORMAT

Are you interested in changing your thinking patterns and journaling, but on the FRIENDLIEST BUDGET? We at Youality understand that life happens, and not everyone can afford our boxes. That is why we have created a more budget-friendly option, in hopes of making our products available to a larger audience. With this option, you have the opportunity to buy self-care items a la carte if you choose to do so, and subscribe to our journals, which are specially created each month by licensed mental health professionals, to help you achieve your dreams through gaining insight and awareness into yourself! This version of the journal will be e-mailed to you monthly, in a PDF Format, for you to download and print at home!

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